Choose Digital offers a digital marketplace featuring the latest music, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and audiobooks. It can be integrated seamlessly into loyalty and incentive programs allowing members to redeem their points (or miles) for the latest digital content.

The Challenge

Many brands want to use digital content as part of marketing and sales strategies for their customer loyalty programs, promotional offers, affinity sales channels and digital retail propositions. There are currently limited opportunities to do this as the supply chain for digital content is dominated by just a few players.

Brands attempting to work with them experience inherent conflicts with customer ownership issues, brand friction and lack of control over usage data.

The Solution

An agnostic digital supply chain incorporating an online store that offers music, movies, TV, eBooks, audiobooks, apps and games, which can be seamlessly integrated into third party programs, retaining full control over branding and customer/usage data.


Choose Digital was founded in April 2011 to launch a “private label” digital marketplace that enables companies to quickly launch a digital content strategy featuring the latest in music, movies, TV, eBooks, and Audiobooks using various methodologies to suit their needs.


Music, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and audiobooks – all hosted in the cloud and available on most internet-enabled devices.


A set of seamless integration options to accommodate almost any technical requirement.


Content is independent of appearance. Create your own store using our API methods and data, or we can create and manage a white label site for you.

No brand friction.   No end-user friction.   No data ownership issues.

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